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Case Study

Why Bunnyfield chose Panelfox instead of building a tool from scratch

Location: UK
Founded: 2007
Employees: 8


  • We were looking to make our research recruiting processes much more efficient to allow us to recruit more projects
    without needing to increase headcount
  • We had our panel in Mailchimp, but didn't have much data about our respondents, so
    we had to email our entire panel
    for every project.
  • It was painful to have our survey tool live separately from emailing, and from our panel - and it was not efficient, and
    too much unused data
  • We used a survey tool to screen participants, but it became an increasingly unreliable as a service and
    made GDPR compliance laborious and cumbersome


  • Panelfox put every solution in one place with every needed feature delivered in a turn key package.
  • The team realized they could create a survey and send an email incredibly fast. Having templates sped this up even more.
  • Mailchimp is replaced by true panel management, to host our extremely diverse panel, with the ability to specifically add and adjust metrics on a large scale.
  • Managing GDPR requirements such as subject access requests or deletion of data is now considerably faster and less hassle

Big Wins

"We know our panelists so much better, and we now have
tons more demographic data
. This makes it easier to confidently bid for projects."
"Our recruitment process is
totally streamlined
. Everything from screening, emailing, reminding - everything."
"We now
take on more projects
, email less panelists, and have a much more engaged community."

Key Results


increase in business


faster to run a project


higher incidence rate

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