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Case Study

This is how Hagen/Sinclair cut research recruitment setup time in half

Location: USA
Founded: 2001
Employees: 6


  • Managing our
    panel in Excel
    , and tracking past participation was a huge nightmare.
  • We were struggling with combining
    different software tools
    to accommodate our demanding consumer and B2B recruitment.
  • It was
    a lot of work
    to manually send invitations, confirmations, and reminders. We want high show rates.


  • With Panelfox, panel management is much more thorough and efficient. It even includes past participation, so we don't make any mistakes.
  • We love the automated confirmations and reminders.
  • We can now send text messages directly to respondent phone numbers, it feels very personal and convenient.

Big Wins

Panelfox is a game-changer
. It's very intuitive, easy to set up, and everything is in one place. So far, there is nothing that this platform has failed to accomplish."
"Instead of playing email tag or phone tag with respondents, we can
text back and forth immediately
. It unblocks so much of my work."
"When I get the screeners from our clients, all I have to do is
paste them into Panelfox
. That's it, and its live!"

Key Results


increase in productivity


time savings in project setup

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